PTT Project Partner Program


PTT Project Partner Program Application

Preston Trail Towns, a Project of Friends of the Cheat, is excited to announce its 2021 Partner Program! At Preston Trail Towns, we see Preston County’s future is right in front of us — friendly neighbors in some of the nation’s best scenery sharing themselves with visitors from all over the region. We are committed to revitalizing Preston County by getting people outside to enjoy our mountains and the stunning Cheat River Valley.

And it’s time to get to work! We are looking for  Project Partners across Preston County, focusing on the areas around our first four Trail Towns: Kingwood, Tunnelton, Rowlesburg, and Albright. As a Project Partner, you will receive technical support, guidance, and energy from the Trail Towns Team and Friends of the Cheat. You will also get some costs associated with your community projects covered by our Trail Towns Program.

We are thrilled to hear your ideas for supporting our vision of vibrant, thriving Trail Town communities in Preston County. Apply to our Partner Program today!  For more information, contact Kelley Burd-Huss, Community Development Coordinator, at or 304-276-9956.

  1. Criteria for applying to be a Project Partner:

We encourage anyone with a plan to improve livability and/or outdoor recreation in the Kingwood, Tunnelton, Albright, or Rowlesburg areas to apply.  Additional selection criteria include:

  1. You’re working on enhancing the livability of your community.
  2. You’re enhancing community amenities, public art, and/or outdoor recreation opportunities.
  3. You’re working collaboratively with other community partners.
  4. You’re looking for support to help implement projects.


Who Can Apply: 

Community Groups, Town Governments, Town Parks, and Small Businesses. Individuals must be working together as a team to receive funding. The more community connections your project has, the more excited our committee will be about your project!

What will this Program Pay for?

Just about the only limit to Partner Program funding is your imagination! The Partner Program will pay for supplies and itemized costs for community Improvement projects, public art, and outdoor recreation infrastructure in any of the four current Preston Trail Town areas: Albright, Kingwood, Rowlesburg, and Tunnelton.


Some great examples of costs that can be covered by the Partner Program include:

If you have questions as to whether your idea would be a good Project Partner fit, contact Kelley at

The reimbursement cannot be used for: Buying real estate, debt servicing, political ads, and/or costs not associated with the Project Partner goals. Construction materials used in projects must be American-made, whenever possible. There are other specific restrictions on construction materials and durable equipment that may apply to your Project. We will discuss these restrictions if they apply to your project plan.

  1. Amount of Project Partner award:

Reimbursement of expenses related to your Project, up to $3000. 

  1. Timeline For Projects:

During this round of Project Partner funding, projects are to be completed between March and June, 2021. If there are challenges related to this timeline, please note it in your application, and contact Kelley Burd-Huss, administrator of this program.