Equipment – Request for Quotes


Download the full Equipment – Request for Quotes PDF


Friends of The Cheat will receive Request For Quotes at 1343 North Preston Hwy,  Kingwood, WV 26537 and will receive at by EOD on March 1st, 2022 for the described equipment, accessories, and attachments of the following:  

o Limb Beaver S1 48″, or 

o CID Skid Steer Swing Boom Cutter, or 

o Prowler Swing Boom Cutter Skid Steer, or 

o Equivalent 

Request For Quotes received after the above time will not be accepted.  Questions regarding the  specifications shall be directed by email or calling 304-329-362.  

Friends of The Cheat reserves the right to accept any and all bids by item, reject any or all  proposals, to waive irregularities, or to accept such proposal that in the opinion of FOC, will be  to their best interest.