Cheat Lake Creel Survey




Friends of the Cheat began as a group of citizens and recreational users seeking support and action to address the devastating acid mine drainage pollution problem.  The group held meetings around a kitchen table, organized litter pickups, and kept donations in a jar.  Today, the organization has an average annual operating budget of over one million dollars and a full-time staff of six working on a variety of restoration, recreation, and outreach projects.  Our mission is to restore, preserve, and promote the outstanding natural qualities of the Cheat River watershed.  Friends of the Cheat has been contracted to complete a creel survey on Cheat Lake in 2022.

This creel survey is intended to collect information about your fishing experience, which will assist the State in managing this fishery. The creel survey is a project that Lake Lynn Generation, LLC is conducting with West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service pursuant to the Lake Lynn Hydroelectric Project (FERC No. 2459) Aquatic Biomonitoring Plan (2018-2020).

The study will be conducted within a one(1) year period. FOC staff will be at the following sites during weekdays and weekends throughout the year to conduct in person interviews:

Creel survey boxes will also be installed at these locations to encourage anglers to self report fishing data. 

If you would like to fill out a survey on your own, please go to one of the installed (Map) survey boxes, fill out a survey form, and place it in the box. Survey boxes will be emptied on a regular basis. You may also fill out the survey online, please find a link to the online Creel Survey here.