WVDEP Reporting and Contact Information


Office of Environmental Advocate:………..1-800-654-5227

Helps people who have information requests or complaints; serves as the starting point for those unfamiliar with the agency. This is a one stop shop for DEP’s Customer Service.

***If you are unsure who to call, call the advocate.

Public Information Office:……………………..1-800-568-6649

This number will take you to DEP’s automated answering service; you can reach any DEP office using this number. The Public Information Office provides Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, environmental information and education to the public and media.

FOIA requests can be made

**A fee may be assessed for processing the request

**Sign up to receive weekly notice of public comment periods, permit application status, and public hearings at: http://www.dep.wv.gov/insidedep/Pages?DEPMailingLists.aspx

Filing a Complaint:

DEP has four divisions that issue and enforce pollution control permits. They are the division of Air Quality, Mining and Reclamation, Water and Waste Management, and the Office of Oil and Gas. The following is the contact information for each office, and a list of questions you may be asked when filing a complaint.

Please note that DEP respects your privacy and any complaint can be filed anonymously. If you wish to remain anonymous, be sure to give as much information as possible. A lack of information can seriously hinder the inspector’s ability to properly investigate an anonymous complaint. You can provide a call back number and still keep your complaint anonymous.


“The agency must inform you that the information you give about your identity, such as your name, address, and phone number will be considered public information unless you request it to be treated as confidential. The information would only be revealed under court order.”

Quick Guide to the Four Divisions that Issue and Enforce Pollution Control Permits:

Helpful Information When Reporting Any Situation:


Emergency Spill Line……………………………………………….1-800-642-3074

A real person should answer the phone in the WV Department of Homeland Security. IF there is risk of imminent harm as a result of the spill, call 911.

What questions will the spill line operator ask?

DEP Emergency Spill Response Procedures:

Toxic Air Release Reporting & Safety Procedures:

**DEP Division of Air Quality Does not have an Emergency Response Group. Refer to the following for safety procedures