Railroad Refuse


North Fork of Greens Run
Kingwood, West Virginia
39.506668, -79.697837
Construction completed: October 01, 2015
Construction cost: $271,750.00

The Greens Run Watershed
The Greens Run watershed is comprised of three main forks: North Fork, Middle Fork, and South Fork. Abandon coal mining in the watershed produce acid mine drainage (AMD). These sources of impairment have caused the degradation of Greens Run and its inclusion on the state’s 303(d) list. The South Fork and Middle Fork of Greens Run are severely impaired by AMD. The North Fork is also impaired by AMD, but AMD treatment projects implemented by FOC and WV DEP have improved water quality.

Greens Run Watershed

Greens Run Watershed near Kingwood, West Virginia

Land Reclamation
Acid mine drainage flowed from 10 acres of refuse piles reclaimed in 2003 by WV DEP OAMLR. The refuse piles were capped and wet seals were installed. The AMD sources, however, remain untreated and continue to flow throughout the year.

Limestone channel constructed by WV DEP OAMLR at the Railroad Refuse site

Acid Mine Drainage Treatment
In October of 2015, Friends of the Cheat completed the Railroad Refuse project on the North Fork of Greens Run. The project was designed by BioMost, Inc. (Mars, PA), and constructed by Solid Rock Excavating (Valley Point, WV). The total cost of construction was costing $271,750. Funding was provided for by West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (WV DEP) Clean Water Act §319, WV DEP Stream Restoration Fund, Office of Surface Mining (OSM) Watershed Cooperative Agreement Program (WCAP), and in-kind services from the project engineer, land owner, and Friends of the Cheat.

Acid Mine Drainage Passive Treatment System

Railroad Refuse Passive AMD Treatment System

This project includes an oxic precipitation channel, an automatic flushing limestone leachbed with a siphon system, a settling pond, a “Jennings-style” mixed media vertical flow pond, and a constructed wetland.

The most recent TMDL (2011) for Greens Run lists allowable pollutant loads of 8,154 pounds per year of aluminum and 57,093 pounds per year of iron. The AMD from this site contributes approximately 743 pounds per year of aluminum and 1,526 pounds per year of iron. The goal of this project is to discharge neutral pH water with less than 1 mg/L aluminum, less than 1 mg/L iron, and additional alkalinity into Greens Run.

AMD Remediation