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The RFP below has been closed and no contract awarded due to a significant change in the Scope of Work.


Cheat River Rail-Trail Corridor – BAJ 3.0 to BAJ 11.1

Cheat River CSX corridor

Cheat River CSX corridor








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Only written (e-mail acceptable) queries concerning this RFP shall be accepted or answered. All queries shall be sent to:

Amanda Pitzer

Executive Director,

Friends of the Cheat

119 S. Price Street, Suite 206

Kingwood, WV 26537

(304) 329-3621

New Trail Property Purchased in Preston County


Finally!  A big win for FOC’s Preston Rail-Trail Committee!

For Immediate Release – April 7, 2015

Today, project partners Preston County Parks and Recreation Commission (PCPaRC) and Friends of the Cheat (FOC) announced that ten miles of the former West Virginia Northern railroad corridor between Kingwood and Tunnelton has been purchased for conversion into a rail-trail.

Funding for the property acquisition was provided by the Federal Highway Administration’s Recreational Trails Program administered by the West Virginia Department of Transportation, Division of Highways; the Hazel Ruby McQuain Charitable Trust; and, the West Virginia Division of Tourism.  The property and associated trail rights were purchased from Utah-based Kern Valley Railroad which acquired the railroad in 2000 following the closure of the stakeholder-operated Kingwood Northern tourist train.

Since 2002, a group of volunteers known as the Preston Rail-Trail Committee (PRTC) has worked persistently and patiently on developing rail-trails on three corridors in Preston County, and this purchase marks the group’s first rail-trail acquisition.  In 2011, FOC took action to bring attention and resources to other aspects of the project.  These efforts resulted in a wave of activity:  the century old water tower was listed as a historic Endangered Property by Preservation Alliance of West Virginia; funding and technical support from the West Virginia Northern Brownfields Assistance Center supported the development of conceptual revitalization plans for the former railcar maintenance facility near the water tower; and Stan Hostler donated 2.5 acres of property adjacent to the water tower and trail.  The emergence of the Preston County Parks and Recreation Commission as a partner represents the project’s final keystone because their willingness to own and manage the trail allows the project to come to fruition.

“The West Virginia Northern Rail-Trail is exactly the type of endeavor the Preston County Parks and Recreation Commission was formed to support.  The rail-trail will link two communities and provide a new outdoor space for free, low-impact exercise.” explains PCPaRC President Lynn Housner.  PCPaRC Commissioner Paul Martin believes the new rail-trail will also “enhance existing recreation opportunities offered at the Craig Civic Center and local schools in both Kingwood and Tunnelton.”

PCPaRC and FOC are ready to hit the trail running, and they have the funds to do so.  The Recreational Trails program has granted the project team an additional $420,000 for rail-trail design and construction.  With support from the Division of Highways, design will commence immediately with construction slated for 2016.  A ground breaking event is being planned for this summer.

The groups will fundraise for additional rail-trail construction and maintenance funds.  On Saturday, May 2nd PRTC will host the 11th annual Cheat Fest 5K with proceeds benefitting rail-trail projects in Preston County.  Sign up to participate at

PRTC is eager to get more community members involved.  The group meets the first Monday of each month at 5pm at the FOC offices in Kingwood.  Learn more at

Kingwood Hike with the Preston Ramblers


On the afternoon of Sunday, June 30th, the Preston Ramblers, a group of hikers rallied by the Preston Rail-Trail Committee (PRTC) of Friends of the Cheat, met at the future trail head of the West Virginia Northern rail-trail near the historic water tower in Kingwood. Four committee members were joined by two community members interested in learning more about the Committee’s rail-trail projects, including how they could get involved. Although it was a hot afternoon, the hikers and a canine companion had a great walk.

Group Picture

Preston Ramblers and guests get ready for a summer hike on the proposed WV Northern Trail

Preston Ramblers organize excursions on rail-trails and future rail-trails throughout the area for members of the community to get acquainted with the trails and learn more about rail-trail development efforts in Preston County. The West Virginia Northern and the Cheat River CSXT line are two rail-trail projects that the Preston Ramblers are promoting in 2013.

The group’s next hike will start from the Tunnelton end of the West Virginia Northern Railroad line, on Thursday July 11th at 6pm, meeting at the Honor Roll area in Tunnelton which is across Rt. 26 from the school. PRTC intents to look over the area and try to come up with a plan for the trail head for that area.  PRTC welcomes new people enthusiastic about the plethora of benefits that rail-trails bring to the area.  Learn more about PRTC and their efforts at and by joining the Preston Rail-Trail Committee group on Facebook.  PRTC meets the first Monday of each month at the Friends of the Cheat office in Kingwood at 5pm.

Communities in Action, Landscape in Change


Appalachian Studies Conference: Appalachian State University; Boone, NC and the Appalachian Coal Country Team Spring Training: Hawk’s Nest; Ansted, WV

The 36th annual Appalachian Studies Association conference celebrated the identity of Appalachia and produced salient points about economic development in the region. I attended with my AmeriCorps Office of Surface Mining and Volunteer in Service to America (OSM/VISTA) Appalachian Coal Country Team; under sponsorship of Friends’ of the Cheat Brownfield Revitalization Program.

Members of the Appalachian Coal Country Team (ACCT), who foster sustainable food initiatives and environmental stewardship, had a variety of panels and papers to hear during the three day conference. An exhibition hall featured used books and new publications of Appalachian history, music, and cooking; a silent auction buzzed in frenzy on Saturday, as conference attendees – from Universities and Coalitions across over 7 states – set their bids on artisan crafts.  Research papers and journals on Appalachian Studies spoke of the interconnectedness of the Appalachian people with the Appalachian “place”.

The Appalachian Coal Country Team led a panel on the Core Goals of OSM/VISTAs, speaking in turn about building capacity, economic and resource development, and environmental stewardship. The community effort for redevelopment of the Kingwood Shops Property was showcased as a case study for economic opportunities garnered by the AmeriCorps OSM/VISTA partnership with Friends of the Cheat.

The Department of Interior Secretary of Youth, Partnerships and Service, Michael Gale, speaks to the Appalachian Coal Country Team of the changing landscape of federal programs, and encourages the team to innovate and create opportunities for this generation. 

The underlying message of these presentations hit a sobering note, as the topic of sequestration, and the potential impact on WV AmeriCorps programs, inevitably came up. The West Virginia based Appalachian Coal Country Team is especially impacted by proposed cuts to the federal program, including a projected loss of twenty OSM/VISTA positions. The magnitude is multiplied in communities which benefit from VISTA involvement, which averages $35,000 in grant and cash resources raised per VISTA and hundreds of hours of volunteer engagement.

Friends of the Cheat has hosted OSM/VISTAs for thirteen years, and certainly has witnessed expansion in its Monitoring and Mapping Program as well as stewardship in the volunteer-run activities such as Cheat Aquatic Pollution and Baseline Ecological monitoring program and recreational trails, due in part to OSM/VISTA activities over the years. FOC has grown in capacity over time, and is an exemplary success story in the ACCT year book.  Many of the other ACCT partner organizations have not had such a long incubation time with the Appalachian Coal Country Team, and often, the OSM/VISTA is the only staff person. The proposed cuts do not hinder this team’s dedication to their communities; however, many OSM/VISTAs and their partner organizations are identifying ways to adapt to the changing fiscal times and create new means to support the service of youth in their organization.

Earth Month Event: Shops Property Work-day


The Preston Rail Trail Committee of Friends of the Cheat, Preston County Parks and Recreation Commission, and the Starting Points Family Resource Network wishes to improve the land use of the West Virginia Northern Shops Property, located on Beverly and Sisler Street in Kingwood, WV. The site, once trail head of the Kingwood to Tunnelton tourist train in the late 1990s has since experienced overgrowth of vegetative species and the buildings on the property are in disrepair. These community organizations are developing resources, through volunteer service work-days and writing grants, to revitalize the site into a County-wide community green space.

Community members are invited to visit the Shops Property to learn more about the development of the site, on April 13, 10 am to 3 pm in celebration of Earth Month.

Activities will include tree planting, painting over graffitti, the removal of trash and collection of tires. PCPaRC is seeking a volunteer lawn mower to maintain the premises.

Friends of the Cheat Receives Property Donation


Friends of the Cheat has received a donation of property including the historic wooden water tower associated with the former West Virginia Northern Railroad.  Stanley Hostler has donated approximately 2.5 acres of land and the water tower to the non-profit organization which is seeking to facilitate the revitalization of the properties associated with the former railroad into a public park and trailhead for the future Kingwood to Tunnelton rail-trail.  Mr. Hostler’s donation was motivated by the renewed community interest in the brownfield sites.  Kern Valley Railroad still retains ownership of the main shop buildings and railroad corridor.  Friends of the Cheat has been pursuing the purchase of the Kern Valley Railroad properties for nearly ten years.

FOC’s new OSM/VISTA (left), Aubrey Harris, stands with Appalachian Coal Country Team Northern Coalfields VISTA leader, Katie Coulter, next to the historic tower which is believed to be over a century old.

Friends of the Cheat is working closely with the Preston County Parks and Recreation Commission (PcPARC) and Preston County Economic Development Authority to advance the development of the properties located off Sisler Street in Kingwood.  The group held two brainstorming sessions in July to gather public input in an effort to develop a re-use plan for the properties.  Ideas include a trailhead and associated amenities for the future rail-trail, a dog park, community garden, and open air market for farmer’s markets, live music, and other community events with an underlying focus on highlighting the rich history of the railroad and how it shaped Preston County.  Friends of the Cheat’s first action will be to work with Preservation Alliance of West Virginia to stabilize and restore the water tower.


FOC_WVBrownfields Conference_FOCUS II Presentation

An artist’s rendering of the reuse vision developed by community members at two WV FOCUS-funded stakeholder meetings. Drawing by Mary Luckini.

WV Northern Maintenance Properties: On the Right Track to Revitalization


In early 2012, Friends of the Cheat was awarded a $5,000 grant through the 2012 FOCUS WV Brownfields program to address barriers to the redevelopment of the former WV Northern/Kern Valley Railroad Maintenance Facility located within the town limits of Kingwood off Sisler Street.

Painting of the WV Northern shops area by Kingwood native, Marcy Miller Matherne who has graciously donated this print for reproduction to be sold as a fundraiser for the Kingwood-Tunnelton rail-trail project.

The Foundation for Overcoming Challenges and Utilizing Strengths (FOCUS) West Virginia Brownfields program funds were awarded to FOC by the West Virginia Brownfields Assistance Centers through funding from the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation. The program provides financial and technical assistance enabling communities in West Virginia to create a redevelopment vision for brownfield properties of strategic community interest.

FOC’s Preston Rail-Trail Committee has been working for nearly 10 years to advance the development of the former West Virginian Northern Kingwood-Tunnelton corridor.  The current owner, Kern Valley Railroad is a willing seller and, in 2007, committed to donating the maintenance facility property pending FOC’s purchase of the 10-mile corridor.  As part of their ARRA Brownfields Project, the Preston County Development Authority funded an environmental assessment of the maintenance facility, or “shops” property in 2010.  In fall 2011, neighborhoods raised concerns about the stability of the historic wooden water tower and other safety issues.  They requested that Kingwood City Council take action and condemn the property.  Condemnation would prevent FOC from utilizing Federal grant funds to purchase the property.  In an effort to demonstrate FOC’s commitment to the rail-trail project, FOC nominated the historic wooden water tower to Preservation Alliance WV’s 2012 List of Endangered Properties and applied for the FOCUS grant.  Both actions have brought new life to the project, and FOC is hopeful that its pending Recreational Trails grant application for the corridor purchase will be funded.

In July 2012, FOC will facilitate two community visioning sessions in an effort to develop of a re-use plan for properties associated with the former WV Northern/Kern Valley Railroad Maintenance Facility.

The first session will be held Monday, July 9th starting at 7pm at the Preston Community Arts Center on South Price Street in Kingwood.  The meeting will begin with a presentation outlining the current state of the properties, including identifying assets and liabilities, followed by a brainstorming session on community need and re-use ideas.

The second session will be held Thursday, July 26th starting at 7pm at the WVU Extension Office on West Court Street in Kingwood.  The meeting will begin with a summary of the first session.  FOC will present information compiled from the first meeting including a preliminary site plan in sketch form for feedback and additional brainstorming.

The vision sessions are open meetings and all community members are encouraged to participate in both meetings.  Current ideas for the site include a trail head for the future Kingwood to Tunnelton rail-trail, restoring the historic wooden water tower, dog park, open-air farmer’s market, community garden, and incorporating historic railroad elements into a public park type setting.

Mary Luckini will be working with FOC staff to host the meetings and visualize the plan.  Mary worked with FOC back in 2008 to develop the initial drawings of the Doug Ferris Outdoor Classroom and Eloise Morgan Milne pavilion.  She also worked with FOC E.D. Amanda Pitzer on service-learning projects and environmental art, including the Friends of Deckers Creek Outdoor Learning Park along the Deckers Creek rail-trail.  Additional technical assistance during the workshops will be provided by Triad staff.

The Preston Rail-Trail Committee has been organizing Preston Rambles group hikes and bikes to promote health and wellness and build community support for the rail-trail projects. Like their new Facebook Page and stay informed of upcoming events including the opportunity to explore the former West Virginia Northern Railroad on foot.

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