Whitewater Access Fund Drive 2017



Friends of the Cheat has been working on maintaining and improving the Cheat Canyon and Big Sandy access roads for the past three years. Although these magnificent rivers draw paddlers from all over the country, Preston County lacks the funding to keep these roads from deteriorating. FOC has raised over 75,000 to provide river access at Albright, Rockville, and Jenkinsburg and to maintain the access roads, much of it from whitewater paddlers. We can get the job done – with your help.

On March 27, 2016, FOC Director Amanda Pitzer, Project Manager David Petry, and Board Member Charlie Walbridge toured the roads with a local contractor. They accessed the condition of the roads and agreed on a plan. This year we have three goals:

First, clear the ditches and culverts on both the Rockville and Jenkinsburg Road They’re blocked in many places, and this diverts water into the roadbed where it can do some real damage. This work will cost $4000.


Second, block off ATV “shortcuts” at the hairpin bend on Bull Run Road just above the parking area (shown as A,B, and C in the photos) The roadbed here is very narrow and this activity, if continued, will render it impassible. We’re setting aside $1500 for this work.


Third, apply gravel to the washed out sections. A truckload of gravel costs $500. We’d like to spread ten truckloads – if we can – so the road can be easily travelled by conventional vehicles.


We have $3000 left over in the Access Fund from last year and a pledge from a local boater to match the first $3000 in contributions. Anyone giving $100 will receive a new membership in Friends of the Cheat or renew their current one. Anyone donating $250 will get their membership renewed and receive a copy of Wildwater West Virginia signed by the author. Anyone giving $500 will receive the membership, guidebook, and two passes to Cheatfest 2017.

The time is now! Do your car a favor! Donate today!